Submit Your Prayer Request

The Bible says, “Be still and know that I am God.” It may be that the only time God is speaking through us in our stillness. God enters into our lives and our family and friends lives as well. God uses us as a vessel when we are still and knowing God can take care of anything. Now you can become a prayer warrior. When you are a prayer warrior, you are standing in the faith of Jesus Christ who is the savior of all.

Father God our heavenly father answer our Prayers. Answered prayer is really your ability to catch God in a moment and still Him into being. You can only catch that which you can still. Prayer in the Aramaic language means “setting a trap for God.” On an answered prayer, you trap God in a moment and still him into being.

When you pray, you come into your secret chamber which means the prayer closet. When your mind and spirit are still either in sleep or deep meditation, God comes into your sleep body and thoughts; you will not know how to trap God in the moment and bring things into manifestation. This is why you need to Submit your Prayer request. In the secrecy of God.

Everything turns at a point. When you start to submit your prayer request, you start to receive answer. God start to see your true heart and start give you, your hearts desire. The holy spirit want us all to come and to lay down our burdens and only trust God our heavenly father. You can submit your prayer request for other and family members. When this is done you are standing for them in Christ Jesus to give their life to the Lord and allowing Jesus Christ/ the heavenly father God to take care of all. Submit your request today to receive your Answers.